Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 5 months baby girl!!

 My sweet pea you are getting smarter and more clever each day!
Zoe can roll over from tummy to back (and will do it EVERY TIME-- she still hates tummy time). She can pull herself up to a sitting position with minimal assistance and can even push her legs up to a standing position with our help. She weighs 16lbs 8oz and eats between 5-6 ounces of formula per feeding. She had her first taste of solid food - Avocado! .. wasn't a fan. She got her first cold and because she had such a hard time shaking it, the doctor recommended using a nebulizer. Z is very vocal and has an almost unbelievably loud screech. She is so alert and loves to reach out and touch the face of whomever is carrying her (and if they're lucky, she'll lean in further and give a hug!)
Avocado take - 1
Avocado take - 2 (much better!)



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