Friday, May 24, 2013

From Ms. to Mrs ..My sister's wedding!

Miss Z had her first mini vacation last weekend. We packed up all of our gear (with a baby this means: bottle warmer, Pack and Play, Tub etc..) and checked in to the Deauville hotel on Miami Beach for my sister's long awaited nuptials. We arrived Friday May 3rd in the afternoon and got a room with a spectacular view!
 I spent Saturday night with the bride because I knew it would be the only time we'd have to catch up.. Weddings are always so "go, go, go"!
The next morning we woke up bright and early. My sister was off to the salon and I was off to spend time with my squishy.

Bath time in paradise

Mom and Sister
 Zoe came out to greet everyone for a few minutes but it wasn't long until it was time for her bed time and she was cranky. M and Z spent most of the wedding in their jammies in our room. Cause folks, that's how it goes when you have an infant ;)


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