Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sebastian's 2nd Birthday

Hello my name is Amida and I am irrationally OBSESSED with my nephew, Sebastian.

Now that i've got that off of my chest, here are some pictures of my witto muchkin's 2nd birthday.

Fun in the bounce house
 With my twin (faternal) nieces Angelina and Karina
Showing the girls how to Instagram.. lol!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Quater of a century

25 ... how I've dreaded your arrival. Don't kill me for saying this... but I feel so old!!!!!
I am however greatful for another year of life filled with god's love, my family, my husband, my friends and yummy Miami restaurants!

Mark gave me an unforgettable day and it was as if he made a deal with mother nature because I seriously have never seen a more gorgeous sunny day than March 3, 2012. It was magical!

I started the day with a long relaxing breakfast with my sister. We woke up really early because she originally scheduled for us to get a massage but the masseuse ended up calling in sick. I want to say that we chatted for about 3 hours which was amazing! My sister and I have such opposite schedules that we rarely get to catch up so we honestly crammed in every topic imaginable, lol!

**No pictures - Poor Meli (sis) had just finished the night shift at the hospital and it was way to early for me to put on makeup**

After she dropped me off back at home I changed into my bathing suit and left with Mark to Miami Seaquarium. It's been a life-long dream of mine to go swimming with Dolphins and M made that dream come true!
(sorry for the poor quality but this is a picture of a picture)

After swimming with the Dolphins we had lunch in key Biscayne's Rusty Pelican.
-a little side note for the Miamians: The Rusty Pelican has been remodeled and OMG it no longer looks "Rusty" (Pun intended). The new decor is so modern and chic!!
My yummy and healthy salad
( I am in no way a "healthy" eater, but I was saving my calories for dinner)
This Sangria was sinful.. They definitely did not skimp on the alcohol!
I was tipsy for the remainder of the day
I didn't even have wine with my dinner (later on that night)

Mark chose PF Changs for dinner... not just any PF Changs.. The one he proposed to me at
With his parents
My stud
My sister and her boyfriend
My mom(L) and mother-in-law(R)
My cousin Natalie