Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Challenge: Accepted! Let's get rid of this mommy pooch!

For the past two years I've been a fan of Karena and Katrina, owners of Tone It Up. When I saw on Instagram that they were rolling out their third annual Bikini Series I knew that it was time to put down the red velvet cupcake and get serious about tackling the sad, lingering, post c-section pooch. Yo, it's been 4 months! 
I know what you're thinking - so you came to your senses 1 week and a half away from your sister's wedding, isn't that a little late? Why, yes. Yes it is.
It may be too late to get a bikini body by my sister's wedding, but it's never to late to regain my health, get off the couch and get active! So although I'll still be rocking my pooch down the isle next week, I'll know that I will be taking the steps towards a leaner and healthier me.
I want to do my best to blog and stay focused for the next 8 weeks. The rewards will be innumerable: getting back to dance, regain my confidence and most importantly being the best mommy I can be.
I know M, if I were to voice my intentions he'd probably say that he's heard it before.
So i'll keep my fitness journals online and away from those judgy eyes (he'd never be caught dead reading my blog, lol).
Wish me luck!

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